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Little Beaver Auger, Earth Pwr 1 Man 8hp. B&S

Little Beaver Auger, Earth Pwr 1 Man 8hp. B&S


Little Beaver 8.0hp mechanical earth drills with their torque-free design can easily dig up to a 12" diameter hole for fences, decks, signs, or mail boxes. Add the extension, and you can dig down to 54" deep.  Also know as a post hole digger, earth drill or power auger. It can easily be loaded into a mini-van, SUV, or pickup truck.

• The custom handle design and torque tube allow One-Person operation without any kick back to the operator. A heavy duty centrifugal clutch reduces the risk of damage to the drive train when encountering solid underground objects. Features:
• Padded handle reduces operator fatigue
• Easy reach throttle and on-off switch
• Oil bath transmission for longer life
• Heavy duty fiber lined clutch
• 12" Maximum auger diameter
• Powder coated finish to reduce scratches and rust
• 10" Pneumatic tires
• Solid steel carrier and axles
• Shipping weight 167 Lbs


  • Half Day
    $79.00 minimum
  • Day