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Brave Bed Edger

Brave Bed Edger


This walk-behind, steerable edger comes standard with a 4" bed edging rotor. It neatly piles excavated dirt in an easy to back-fill pile right next to the trench.

The unit is easy to maneuver and steer allowing for smooth curves for creating landscape beds. Interchangeable rotors provide unmatched versatility for landscaping or trenching operations. This unit is ideal for installing edging, trenching for low voltage wiring, laying landscape bricks and more.

Engine: 270cc Honda GX
Rotor: Points Tungsten Carbide
Max. Trench Width: 9"
Rate: Up to 30 ft/min
Drive: Double Belt and Pulley System
Wheels: Steel w/ pneumatic tires
Weight: 175 lbs.


  • Half Day
    $88.00 minimum
  • Day